Thursday, January 29, 2015

Roasted Garlic and Feta Dip served with Toasted Pita

Roasted Garlic and Feta Dip served with Toasted Pita
My healthy eating plan has officially begun this Monday… and it’s been rather challenging to keep up to, after such a long break. With no sugary nibbles at my disposal, my mind wandered as to what I enjoy eating and how it could be turned into a healthy snack…

So… Today I’ve worked on an interesting in between meal snack… (yes, I do snack between EVERY meal!)

Have and go at trying my latest concoction:

Roasted Garlic and Feta Dip served with Toasted Pita
This is a fabulous dip with a punch of feta and roasted garlic. Its perfect for an afternoon snack or a quick dip when you have friends together. It’s a flavourful spread that is yummy on health bread or crackers and can even be served with a warm potato and leek soup.
125gr Danish feta
65gr Cream cheese
1 head of garlic
Lemon zest
Coriander- chopped
Olive oil
Crushed red chilli powder
Pita bread
2 tblsp butter
For the roasted garlic:
Cut half an inch from the top of the head of galic so that the cloves are exposed. Lay it cut side down on your baking tray. Pour olive oil over the garlic about ¼ to ½ a cup. Cover with foil and Roast on 180 degrees for about 45mins. Cool and remove the garlic. Place on a paper towel to drain and squeeze the garlic out. The remainder oil can be used to drizzle over the dip.
For the Pita:
Cut the pits into small squares. Heat the butter in a frying pan and toss till golden
For the dip:
Blend the feta together with the cream cheese. Add in roasted garlic
Season with salt and black pepper
Place on a platter
Sprinkle with lemon zest, coriander, crushed chilli powder and a drizzle of olive oil

Simply delicious…
(hmm… but I do agree.. no replacement for chocolate! J lol)

Have a super healthy weekend!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roasted Red pepper and date cigar salad

Hey guys...

So we back into blogging... Its been a really long break but Chilli Chocolate is back with a bang!!

Hope you all settling well into the new year... and enjoying the back to work... back to school routine... I've recently returned from a holiday.. and I'm just not get used to this!!!

We're well into the peak of Summer, and my only combat to this heat has been loads of salads and of course the beach.. every evening :)

Here's an idea for a fresh Summer salad with a bit of an exotic twist:

You will Need:

For the Salad
Carrot shavings
Cucumber- sliced
Red Pepper- roasted, peeled and julienned
Green olives- pitted
Danish feta wedges
Red onion- julienned

For the Date cigars
Spring roll Pastry
a block of pitted dates
Cook the dates with a little water, until moist and soft. Allow to cool. then wrap in pastry and fold as you would make a spring roll.

To Assemble
Choose a large dish and spread over the lettuce leaves
Then top with the balance of the ingredients
Deep fry the date cigars in a little oil until light golden.
Just before serving, top the salad with the cigars
Dress with a light vinaigrette

HINT - Add in cooked chicken strips to complete this meal!

Hope you enjoy!