Wednesday, June 8, 2011

home industry fair at botanical gardens

ok its official the macaron craze has now hit durban!!!!

took us long enough it was 4 years ago i hunted and hunted for macarons and found one place in kloof selling them but they were horrid tasting:( and i was put off them for a long time! until chillichocolate chefs brought them back to life for me....
we were invited to exhibit our wares are the home industry fair at the botanical gardens 2 weeks ago where we were sold out of macarons by 1:00 we sold around 400 macarons and a whole load of other yummilicious goodies and it was a raving success! chillichocolate chefs and cupcake dlights won the best looking stand and if there was a prize for the tastiest wares we would have won that too:)

thank you to all our wonderful supporters! our items are 100 percent halaal and our macs are gluten free!

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